apparel & accessories collection : spring florals (for men.)

Not only do I love when a man has great style, but I also love a man who will wear floral prints with pride. In a world of solids and plaids, it's nice to see some spring flowers.

1. Tie from Good Heavens (price unknown), 2. Rodarte Roy Orbison Sunglasses - Blue Floral ($220), 3. FLORAL CHECK WALLET ($20), 4. Floral Print Shirt (£145), 5. Guy de Jean Short Umbrella Floral ($95), 6. Steven Alan Bow Tie ($78), 7. Printed flat cap ($100), 8. i am wildflowers in the summer ($15.50), and 9. Printed-silk Dachshund toy ($270)


  1. i love the tie and sunglasses and would love to see both (but not at the same time!) on my man.

  2. I love all of these especially the tie, and completely agree that a man stylish and confident enough to sport a pink short or floral design is where it's at.


  3. I would have to fight to get B to wear a floral necktie but I think I'd eventually win and it would be oh so worth it.

  4. what a great finds..the price is just right..its worth it..thanks for sharing fabulous stuff.

  5. I completely agree! If only I could get my husband to feel the same way...


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