collections : woodland beauty.

Currently dreaming of: camping out in the Oregon or Washington forestry this summer. I want to see creatures, sing songs, bundle up at night, and take a hundred photographs.

1. Insect Hook Pillow ($65), 2. VINTAGE ANTLER ($150), 3. Staddle Stone ($698), 4. Forest Photo Print ($80), 5. The Emperor Deer Head Trophy ($139.83), 6. Mini Log S&P Shakers ($12), 7. Stokeford Ring (£5), 8. Fox on the Run - Framed ($75), 9. Vintage 1970's DEER DEN Poncho ($42), 10. Iannone Design Graphic Trees Long Console ($2895), and 11. Tree Lovers Passport Sleeve (SGD $28.80)


  1. The little fox ring is adorable! Great finds x

  2. loving the outdoors theme esp the antlers!

  3. I too love the little fox ring. My dad has a stuffed fox. we have always called him Reginald. He is the family joke. He is all I want in my dad's will. I tell him all thetime, I want Reggie! My dad shot the poor thing years an dyears ago. He's lovely even stuffed


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