six lovely things...

...catching my tired eyes, as I sit home on a Wednesday night, sick as a dog. Thank goodness for pretty things to cheer me up.

1. Porcelain Coyote Skull ($175), 2. Bat for Lashes ($65), 3. Wall Tray - Islid (£33.50), 4. Oui Adore this Cardi ($54.99), 5. 4 Original Papercut PRINTED PATTERNS. Ready to cut by yourself. 4 Heart Silhouettes ($10), and 6. Feline Fine (£10)


  1. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE Andrew Bannecker! Thanks for faturing his work.
    The kitty necklace is pretty cute too.... ;-)

  2. Great picks!! That cardi is so quirky awesome!


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