collections : back to school.

It's time to go back-to-school, whether you're a college student or have children of your own, which sadly means one thing... summer is almost over. But oh well, at least there are some fabulous school supplies to covet.

1. Caught On Camera Tape Dispenser ($21.99), 2. Pencil Dispenser ($18), 3. Vintage Children's Spelling Book ($10), 4. Diamond Notebook (£4), 5. chip, magnetic paper clip holder by alessi ($57), 6. Vintage Metal Workers Lunch Box ($30), 7. Glad to Adhere It Tape Set in Red and White ($8.99), 8. slate chalkboard easel ($124), 9. 1970s Crayons (£7.50), and 10. Düller Croquis Notebook ($18)

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