collections : sick days.

It's that time of year- the time when all over the country, everyone seems to be getting sick with colds and flus and bugs. I myself am battling a month-long virus, which has very recently turned into pneumonia, and my whole household is run-down. All I want is hot tea, soft blankets, pajamas, baths, and a whole lot of rest. Here's hoping you are doing better than I am...

1. Rosette Herbal Wrap ($32), 2. F1 CHECK-IN EYE MASK ($22), 3. Jonathan Adler Pill Carafe ($44.99), 4. The Deansgate Blanket (£129), 5. Bellocq Majorelle Mint Tea ($36), 6. Isa's Restoratives Sleep Well Tincture ($14), 7. DOUBLE SIDED FLANNEL DJELLABA (£89), 8. Navy Two Tone Hot Water Bottle (£50), 9. Lavender Sea Salt Soak ($24), and 10. Hinoki Tissue Box ($35)


  1. This is one of the most interesting themed collections I've come across! I hope you feel better and get something nice from your list to aid your recovery :)

  2. I'm sorry to hear that it's a long illness that inspired the post, but it is a GREAT one! Please take care of yourself and get better soon.

  3. Aww so sorry to hear that! Hope you start feeling better soon. I'm lucky that my Italian Greyhound radiates heat, so I never need a hot water bottle, I just have him curl up in bed with me (not like I can keep him out of bed, but that's beside the point...). :)


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