bonjour, weekend.

Enjoy your last weekend before the holidays, hopefully with plenty of Bing Crosby and hot toddies. (Above illustration by Danielle Kroll)


  1. Hi! I saw your blog and I have been loving it since day 1!!! I was hoping If you could also drop by my blog and take a look. I am just starting and I'll be posting more on food and travel in the next few months... I hope you can read my opinions on things as well...My mom loves to decorate and design things at our house and you sure are good. I hope you could follow it as well, its www.allthingsmeyan.blogspot.com

  2. Great page! Love the interior inspiration post. You might like my blog, I've got quite a few art/design/fashion posts en route.


  3. I long to make the cupcake holder. It's so delicate and lovely.


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