thought of the day : my 2012 goal.

"thou shall not take shit," by New York-based designer Samantha Willis. (See also: jewelry line)


  1. Awesome! I need to adopt this as my new commandment :)

  2. Oh, how strange. I thought this was made by the Swedish designer Ylva Skarp http://ylvaskarp.se/.

  3. I could do with remembering this more!

  4. I love it - and what a great resolution. Mine for 2011 was similar: 'to be a little more like Bruce Willis'! Not to shave my head or anything, but just not to take shit. I'm the sort of person that usually apologises when someone stands on my foot, but this year has been good for me. In situations, I just ask myself (myself being a 30 year old woman!) 'what would Bruce do?'
    Hope 2012 is a good year for you and yours xx


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