ten images of inspiration : a cabin in the woods.

A group of my friends are up in Northern Washington, situated in a cabin in the snowy woods. And now, I just can't stop thinking of having my own little cozy, rustic retreat surrounded by trees, lakes, and fog. I'm getting a bit lost in cabin daydreams today.

Sources (from top to bottom): anja louise verdugo, ann th, The Makers, 100 Abandoned Houses, Cristian Ordonez, John Van Noate, The Selby: Dan & Shannan, Jake Stangel, Cari Wayman, and Mary V. Robinson.


  1. Sigh! If I were to have three houses, one would be a cabin in the woods for sure (the other two would be a beach front place & another in a large city)...

  2. oh me, too! What a beautiful and haunting post.

  3. i always daydream back to a cabin in the woods (^_^)..and sometimes a tree house =)

    im thinking of converting my gargage, planting trees everywhere & pretending im hidden in a forest (^_^)

    thankyou for sharing with us

    Chloe xx

  4. I saw your comment on Miss Moss' blog :)

    Beautiful pictures!

  5. I love the pictures of the twinkle lights. Very nice.

  6. You're making me want to pack up the car and head out right now! This is the time of year for coziness. :)

  7. love everything about these. My kind of photograqphs

  8. someone linked to your post from my cabin post yesterday. I hadn't seen yours yet! great minds think alike, right? ;)

    these photos are killing me!!!


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