I used to be quite the avid penpal. I still have boxes of beautiful letters in my closet from exchanging notes and gifts through the post for years and years. Now, I have become terribly lazy about it and find my mail to be nothing but bills and junk. I think it might be time to start up again- anyone else want to join? There are few things better than good mail days.

Sources (from top to bottom): Shanna Murray, unknown, LilyMoon, Håkan Dahlström, perfectbound, persephassa, Johnny Miller, unknown, Here Comes the Sun, and Paper Pastries.


  1. Well, if you want a postcard you can look under the label "Mail time" on my blog and email me, I'd be happy to send you one! I started that because I missed getting mail and since that I've sent and received really nice cards and letters - love it! :-)

  2. Oh please. I have been trying to find organizations online that do pen pals. I've posted requests on Facebook.

    It takes a special someone who desires to connect in such a non-instantaneous way. We've created a world where we believe we 'know' someone because we read their blogs - or they believe they know me because they read mine. But really, we are disjointed and disconnected in a world of endless connectivity possibilities.

    I am anxiously seeking someone(s) with whom I can write and learn about them and their worlds; how our worlds might be similar and how uniquely wonderfully different.

    Nothing fancy. Just paper and ink with an envelope to carry the shared words - and a stamp to seal the deal.

    Desperately Seeking Snail Mail...in KC.

    Greta Sutherland
    P.O. Box 30104
    Kansas City, MO 64112

  3. Niceee! I like! =)


  4. Dearest,

    If you want, you can write you shimmering red postaddress to me: annasverden@gmail.com.

    Then the birds will bring you words from a tiny red house in Norway.

    Best from Anna

  5. Try Postcrossing, it's great. My mailbox is constantly happy with postcards from random places around the globe and I get to send lovely cards to other random people.


  6. What a fun collection :) Thanks for including my calligraphy samples Summer!

  7. such lovely photos! I also love snail mail, it's the best!

  8. I also want a penpal!! I love writing letters to strangers! Haha :D

  9. I would love to find a penpal and receive some snail mail. Plus, there is something calming about writing a letter with a cup of hot tea.

  10. Nothing beats a classic letter in the post.

  11. i'd love to be pen pals; I have a mail art day once a week if you'd like to be added, we can exchange correspondences!

  12. Ooooh I've been saying the same thing lately! If you're looking for a penpal in France I'm your gal! :)

  13. Oh I forgot to leave my email for you to sendme your address if you want!

    oulawnotahero@gmail.com !

  14. I wanna join. I used to send letters to my friends that lived in the same city with me. Specially in summer, since we weren't able to see each other as often as in school.
    I always buy nice paper and envelopes, even if I don't use them, you never know.
    Now I have a friend in Ukraine, we exchange packages, and I always send her a letter, and also pictures that I take. Even if I speak with her trough email, is not the same, letters have another feeling.


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