With the winter dull-drums quickly fading into the recesses of our minds and spring blooming up around us, Summer has asked me to contribute a men's collection of items that I feel exhibit the growing warmth of the season, and bring to mind strolling through idyllic English countrysides...preferably while listening to XTC and sipping on iced tea.

1. Woven Straw and Feather Trilby (£85), 2. Blue Floral Pattern Socks (£16), 3. Vernham Shorts (£75), 4. Abel Open Polo ($145), 5. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn ($16), 6. Gresgarth Classic Fit Trouser (£125), 7. 1960's Striped Tee ($95), 8. apricot plaid {necktie} ($78), 9. Santa Fe Shirt ($188), 10. Thatcher Greystone ($95), and 11. Ben Sherman Mixed Mayfair Derby Shoe ($110)

(guest post by Christopher Williams)

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