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Beautiful home designs – the laundry room

Let’s face it, the laundry room isn’t the first place you want to show your guests. In reality, however, we do tend to spend a lot of our time in there.

Between scrubbing dirty football boots, getting stains out of clothes, and impromptu tasks like last-minute school craft projects, the laundry room is a vital place for keeping a home running smoothly. If we spend so much time in it, the question is why don’t we spend more time on it?

From a design perspective, we can spend hours agonising over bathroom tiles and worrying over the right shade of paint for the kitchen cupboards. If you think it’s time you channelled more effort into creating a beautiful laundry room in your home, here are some killer design and style tips to make it the envy of the neighbors.


The laundry room is, above all, a workspace, so make your life easier with a user-friendly and efficient design. Make sure the room features clearly defined work regions – the wash and dry centre, an area or counter for folding, and a separate section for those extra bits and pieces. Great storage space is also a must. It will keep the boot polish well away from the whites soaking in the tub.

Keep your back in mind when deciding which item goes where. Keeping the washer close to the dryer will save a lot of unnecessary bending over in the long run. Placing the washer and dryer off the ground is even better.

The right appliances

Owning a washer and a dryer doesn’t have to be such a strain on your electricity bill anymore. There’s a wide range of power-efficient brands available on the market that will always get the clothes clean and dry – even at times when the trusty clothes-horse never could. If you are thinking of purchasing a new dryer, a Littlewoods Indesit tumble dryer comes in a range of sizes and styles to suit the design and colour scheme of any laundry room.

Lighting and colour

Steer clear of a plain white colour scheme in your laundry room, and instead opt for colours that are warm and soothing. To create a space you really won’t begrudge spending time in, keep some wall space free to hang your favourite artwork, and consider different lighting styles for different tasks. Find an extra bit of space for a radio, to make even the most boring tasks into something to sing about.

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