When we knew we were relocating to California, I ended up getting rid of many of my possessions to make the move easier, rid my life of excess clutter, and start anew. This meant donating and selling a large percentage of the vintage goods I had thrifted for years and years. I do miss some of the things I left behind, but I'm looking forward to adding "new" vintage goodies to our brand new home. These are some I would absolutely love to acquire for sure.

1. Vintage Wood Coffee Table ($85, sale), 2. vase with china vintage porcellain Kaiser op art ($57.04), 3. Mid Century Hairpin Leg Planter ($49), 4. Mid-Century Welby Sunburst Clock ($145), 5. Walter Bosse style hedgehog ashtray set ($102.20), 6. Raymor Ceramic CatchAll Tray Schoolgirl Italy ($87), 7. vintage breyer deer / doe ($24), 8. Up, Up and Away - Vintage Handmade Hot Air Balloon ($128), 9. Mid Century Mod Corning Glassware Set ($12), and 10. Vintage Georges Briard Heavy Ceramic Planter or Ice Bucket ($30)


  1. I just found this blog and have high hopes for it to continue. Keep up the great work, its hard to find good ones. I have extra to my favorites.

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  2. I have a clock very similar to #4. From 1962

  3. I love the glass mugs (no. 9) they are just fabulous!


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