Once July hits, I truthfully would prefer just hanging out in my skivvies all day long (I don't do well with the summer heat). Even though that isn't really possible, I do dream of having pretty undergarments for when the occasion presents itself. It's hard not be in love with little silky and lacy things.

1. Gisele Zoe Bra ($74), 2. Lois De Fee Liv Garter Belt ($190), 3. Hanky Panky Rosie Boyshort ($37), 4. Chantal Thomass Embellished Strap Bra ($193), 5. Handmade lingerie,woman crochet ($66.42), 6. LANA Retro Coral Lace High waist brief ($69), 7. Bat Your Lashes Cheeky Panty ($59), 8. Lottie Suspender Belt ($90), 9. Giselle Charming Underwire Bra ($70, sale), and 10. Elle Macpherson Intimates Coralline Thong ($26)

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