Lately I have been checking out books of patterns from the library, determined to start sketching my own. I want to always surround myself with bright, fun patterns on my clothing and in my home- I think they do a good job of cheering me up.

1. lightweight merino wool shawl stars orange ($97.50, sale), 2. Mineral Matches ($4), 3. Wallflower A6 Fliptop Jotter ($9), 4. Pastel Cartoon Shift Organza Dress ($24.90), 5. Black Abstract Diamonds and Minerals Print ($119), 6. Red and Mint Leather Pouch ($44), 7. Take a Rain Trek Umbrella ($29.99), 8. Carcasa Flores Azules (€15), 9. Sweet Ice-lolly-printed Round-neck Tank ($17.99), and 10. Multi Stem Double Oven Glove ($48)

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