I have been wanting to spend a couple nights out in Joshua Tree National Park for quite some time now and I think it is finally going to happen this month. We are going to join some friends in camping out in the gorgeous desert scenery for a weekend. I'd love to bring any of the above with us, along with tequila, my favorite film camera, and a blank notebook.

1. Opal Moon Necklace ($60.25), 2. Full Moon Tank Top Dress ($32), 3. Key Ring Compass ($44.95), 4. Design Within Reach Tepee (currently unavailable), 5. Pendleton Camp Blanket With Carrier - Mineral Umber ($158), 6. Margot Globe Lantern ($48), 7. Casual Destroyed Cactus White Tee ($14.99), 8. Lenny Circle Shades ($15), and 9. Straight As An Arrow Duffel Bag ($280)

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