Ashley Ording was one of my first close Internet friends (and one of the first I met in "real-life"), from back when I was 18-years-old. She works behind-the-scenes for Anthropologie, collects incredible vintage goods, and is one of the most stylish ladies I know. She put together this holiday wish list for my readers and I have to say, I'd love every single one of these things.

Crescendo Dot Flatware: My flatware situation is in need of an upgrade and this polka dot set is too cute.
Vintage 1970s Clutch: I love the muted colors of these cotton clutches, I'll take both please.

Vintage 'A' Brooch: I have a small collection of 'A' brooches and this one would make a perfect addition. Plus it will help me in my futile quest to be as cool as Laverne from Laverne & Shirley.
Mint Metal Wire PLant Stand: Now that I have more space for decorating I've been going hog wild with plant collecting, and to keep my cat from eating all of them I need a few cool plant stands like this mid-century inspired one in my favorite color.

'The Ten-Year Nap' by Meg Wolitzer:: I recently read Meg Wolitzer's book 'The Interestings' and I loved it so much that I want to read everything else she has written.
Vintage Cuddly Kittens Stationary: I don't really need to say why I like these notepads, because just look at them.

Kate Space Nisella Flats: I am completely obsessed with these fancy flats in the perfect shade of navy.
Angela Dalinger Collected Cups Painting: Angela Dalinger is one of my favorite artists right now and I think this print would look perfect in my living room.

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