things i'm loving : tuesday morning edition.

Did you all have a great Labor Day weekend? Mine was lazy and filled with good food, which means it was quite nice. And now, a new week!

Above: 1. Stonewash Velvet Curtain (£25.00-£35.00), 2. Flying Bird Pouch - Dark Peach ($15), and 3. Canadian Animals ($60)
Below: 4. Frosted Glass Birdcage Vessel ($42), 5. Serrote Notebook ($9.50), and 6. Feather Mobile (3-column) ($40)


  1. i love love LOVE that bird pouch-especially the color. great picks!

  2. Isn't the Graham & Green website gorgeous? I love their products... and the site design itself.

    i heart the cushions and the Canadian animals. :)


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